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Brompton LE SHPT3

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Brompton LE SHPT3

Four years ago, one of Britain’s most successful and influential cyclists David Millar, the man behind the CHPT3 brand, met with Brompton CEO Will Butler-Adams. David expressed that he rarely used a bike in the city, only for training and competing, so the conversation turned to what would be the best Brompton for a die-hard ‘roadie’, not a pastiche but a bike that was lightweight, stripped-down, dynamic to ride but useful day to day. That conversation kick started the collaboration and was the moment the idea for the Brompton X CHPT3 was forged. Now, 2019, the new Brompton X CHPT3 has arrived and the page has been turned.

Fabric Scoop Race Saddle
Offering exceptional performance and designed to suit your riding style. Titanium rails make the saddle extremely light and durable. The Fabric Scoop Race is designed exclusively for Brompton and features the Devesa print, inspired by the home of CHPT3, Girona. Click here to read the back story.
Fabric Slim Grips
Stay in control with the light lock-on grip. Dual texture kraton rubber sleeve, in Fire Red and Black, over a perforated lightweight core. Maximum grip with or without gloves.
Schwalbe One Tanwall tyres
The fastest tyres ever made for a Brompton. The new 35mm (width) Schwalbe One offers low rolling resistance whilst retaining a high level of puncture protection by utilising extremely cut-resistant high-tech fibre. The stunning Tanwall colour sets off the unique CHPT3 look.
Race-Tuned Suspension Block
The extra firm rear suspension block paired with the Schwalbe One tyre provides sharp, responsive rider feel. Ideal for carving up the city streets with precision.
Textured Black Titanium
Textured Black main frame and handlebar stem, as well as Textured Black titanium rear frame and front fork. Light, fast and durable. Complemented perfectly by CHPT3’s signature Fire Red on the front frame.